Survive the WWAVES

WWAVES is a short Top-Down-Shooter made by Oskar Nyström.

Your task 

Survive the WWAVES. Beat the boss. Save the world.


W - Walk Up

A - Walk Left

S - Walk Down

D - Walk Right

SPACE - Dash (while moving)

MOUSE - Shoot

About the game

WWAVES is the first game ever finished and released by Oskar Nyström. It was made over a period of three weeks as a learning experience. The objective was to make and release a short and simple game within a month. The code, music, art and sound design were made by Oskar. However, this game wouldn't have been made if it wasn't for some great tutorials by people like Blackthornprod and Brackeys - as well as inspiration from people like Amanda, Albin, Erik and Simon.

There's more on the way

Stay tuned on my Twitter where I will post updates on development and upcoming games. 


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Finally, decided to just spam dash and finally beat the boss haha

Good shooter! And amazing music

Amazing Game!

Wicked! Feel's good to play.

Good game, very well done, I'm eagerly waiting for more. I've been making a similar type of game also for the leaning experience which recently turned into a (very poor) submission for Ludum Dare 44, oh well

Anyway, great work, beautiful art, sound didn't work but it's probably my computer, keep it up :D

one gun shot backward, is it supposed to do that?   


Hey! Thanks a lot! Yeah, the sound seems to work fine. The double gun thing (where one of the guns will sometimes shoot backwards) is a bug that can happen when you pickup two weapons at the exact same time (while turning around I think). Might have to look into fixing that!

Anyway, thanks for playing! :) 

You could fix it or if you want to add more to the game you could make it a feature where if the character picks up two guns of the same kind he can duel wield them, either way is cool!